TravelPass Group has announced that is has acquired Jauntaroo, a travel planning and discovery website.

The acquisition of Jauntaroo, as well as recent partnerships with Best Day Travel and Secret Escapes, underlines TravelPass Group’s commitment to expanding its offerings, and its focus on destination travel and consumer-facing experiences.

“A lot of travel companies concentrate on the booking aspect of the consumer funnel, but the reality is many consumers don’t know where they want to go when they start the booking process,” said Daniel A. Nelson, executive chairman of TravelPass Group. “Jauntaroo’s unique technology will give TravelPass Group’s platform the ability to move up the funnel and assist consumers at the critical point of inspiration and discovery, and help them find and book the best rates possible. We’re excited to have Jauntaroo be part of the TravelPass Group family.”

Jauntaroo offers a channel for convention and visitor bureaus (CVB) to share their story and travel destination, while also allowing aspiring travelers to dream and discover without the pressure of urgent “book now” messaging. It allows users to filter potential destinations based on budget, activities, geography, weather and other criteria to match the consumer with the most relevant vacation options. Jauntaroo’s unique algorithm ranks more than 300 potential destinations based on the consumer’s search criteria using professional reviews and customer feedback. TravelPass Group’s marketplace empowers hotels to maximise distribution, while helping travelers find the best rates. With the acquisition of Jauntaroo, TravelPass Group is expanding its expertise in customizing its offerings and interacting with consumers at every aspect of the travel booking process.

“When I founded Jauntaroo, I wanted to help travelers answer the age old question of where they should travel on vacation,” said Chad Meyerson, founder of Jauntaroo and vice president of strategic relations at TravelPass Group. “TravelPass Group’s technology, business intelligence, and leadership are the industry standard. It’s a pleasure to be part of such a well-renowned company, and help push the brand forward through strategic marketing and projects such as the recently launched Convention and visitor bureaus will love Jauntaroo, and so will consumers.”