As has been said, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Or as some say, if you stand on the shoulder of a giant you can see even further than the giant. When looking at how to apply technologies in the hospitality industry, it often suf ces to look at what others are doing in the travel / transport sectors to get some good ideas, and take them one step further.

Travel companies have a longer interaction time with customers than most other consumer sectors, providing the simultaneous opportunity and challenge of creating and reinforcing a differentiated, sustained customer experience. With an abundance of choice and ever-growing expectations for digital options, travel organisations must nd leaders who know how to engage with customers and build long-term, personalised relationships with them through digital channels. As companies throughout the sector have built up their digital talent bench to fulfil priorities such as maximising mobile, utilising big data in ways that help create highly tailored customer experiences, and updating legacy systems, leaders have evolved how they think about their customers, talent and organisations.

Travel companies must today find ways to deliver high-touch, brand-building interactions through digital, with myriad options to connect and engage through digital, many senior leaders are exploring how to best communicate, leaning heavily on marketing and communications talent, and strong analytical teams.