A Vegas resort big enough to have its own zip code

When it first opened in 2009, the ARIA Resort & Casino was the first integrated resort concept in Las Vegas including residential, in addition to hotel, casino, entertainment, shopping and convention spaces.


Bobbi Hart – Director of Luxury Experience and Christopher Haberman – Manager of Luxury Experience

“The theme of ARIA revolves around art, architecture, design and sustainability”, underlines Shannon McCallum Crawford, Executive Director of Hotel Operations – ARIA Resort & Casino. “We’re over 18-million square feet of space and one of the largest green developments in the world.”

Putting things in perspective, the ARIA Campus (including Vdara, Veer and Mandarin Oriental) is considerably larger than the Bellagio, with over 7,000 units (hotel rooms and condos), making it so big it has its own zip code and even its own fire station.

“What made this really different was the sustainability, especially in Las Vegas. In Vegas, you think of excess and overindulgence. You don’t think of environmental responsibility and sustainability,” says McCallum Crawford, adding, “I really feel the opening of this property was the signal of a new Las Vegas. We have new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things, and that’s what this property represents.”

Another key differentiator, launched just one year ago, is the introduction of “Luxury Experience Management”. Bobbi Hart – Director of Luxury Experience and Christopher Haberman – Manager of Luxury Experience welcomed us in the presidential Sky Suite.

Aria sky suite.jpg

Sky Suite – ARIA

“It’s something we have been talking about doing for a long time – being a kind of ‘ambassador’ for the hotel to welcome the high-end, high spend guest, who are not necessarily gamblers,” says Hart. “We launched the programme in 2016, and Chris joined shortly thereafter”.

“We look after everything, from booking their next stay to any requests they may have, whether that be show, dinner, spa, nightclub, or whatever”, says Hart. “On the day of arrival, we bring them here with the limo, and they bypass the lobby, as we look after all check-in procedures one-on-one in the suite. One single contact manages everything during their stay.”


“We create a seamless experience for the guest, who can be confident that the same person who helped plan their stay is also there overseeing every aspect of the stay”, adds Haberman.

Hart and Haberman began with a list of 200 guests that had been defined as meeting the criteria of a luxury experience guest – with an average nightly room spend of over US$800 or over the course of a stay spent US$5,000. After one year, the list has grown to over 460.

Photo: Shannon McCallum Crawford , Executive Director of Hotel Operations – ARIA Resort & Casino