Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates perform representation and consulting in the USA for exceptional hotels, yachts and destinations. The star is no doubt the Brando. We asked JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers how her company adds value in this respect.

First of all, it’s an honour to represent the Brando, because in my opinion, it’s a perfect place. In some other resorts, you have some good villas and some not so good villas, but all the villas at the Brando are equally beautiful. They are all on the beach, they each have a beautiful pool. The product is exceptionally well thought-out because of the quality of its overall design, with the central part of the property housing the restaurants, concierge, and dive centre. The real enjoyment comes from the feeling of just being free. Families come and their children are free to learn about the environment and marine life. Of course, Marlon Brando had a vision of wanting to do things environmentally and he knew it had to be sustainable. Today, they have scientists working and studying on the island, so one can go to the research station and talk to the people doing projects there. So, you learn about the environment as well as enjoying the environment.


How do you add value to that?

We bring it alive. If you take Virtuoso alone, there are 7,000 travel advisors. We talk to these people about the Brando, or about Tahiti, and how to pair it. For instance, if someone wants to stay there and somewhere else, what order should you book the Brando? And how do you get from different parts of Tahiti to Tetiaroa? We are able to help the agents to better understand the product.


Richard Bailey – President & CEO – Pacific Beachcomber (owner of the Brando), accompanied by his wife at a special evening organised by Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates during Virtuoso Travel Week

We like to inspire and assist travel consultants, enabling them to match their clients with the right places. It is difficult to know everything about every destination, as things are constantly evolving. We stay informed and connected with the destinations, remain up-to-date on the latest news and inbound flights, and the latest ‘new thing to do’ in this and other select destinations. For example, the Brando is going through a renovation, expanding their existing restaurant, making an outside area with an overhang. Even though it’s a new property, they saw that more people wanted to sit outside, they wanted shade and they wanted more space, so it’s an ongoing process of improvement. You never really sit still when you have a great place, because you want to keep it great.


Photo : JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers President, Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates LLC