New whitepaper demystifies digital signage for hoteliers.

Digital signage is modern and dynamic, and allows you to show a vast amount of information in an accessible, convenient format. It lets you engage guests by delivering data in real-time, while reducing the burden on your staff – all while reinforcing your brand.

The US-based software provider Visix has released a new whitepaper aiming to demystify digital signage and wayfinding for hoteliers, entitled, “Maximize the Guest Experience with Digital Signage for Hotels and Resorts”

Of course, hotels and resorts always strive to deliver excellent service to distinguish themselves from competitors, but digital signage for hotels can give one the tools to do just that. It reaches more people, with the most up-to-date and useful messaging, and costs almost nothing to manage and maintain once it’s up and running.

Wayfinding assistance is key to making guests’ time at the hotel hassle-free, and interactive maps make even the largest resorts easy to navigate. By placing displays at strategic locations, like elevator banks and entrances, hoteliers can also use displays to pique interest in other revenue-generating venues on their property like the business centre, bars and restaurants, or concierge services.

Web-based digital signage lets you send visual communications to literally anywhere with a web connection – across multiple departments, buildings or even to properties in different cities. Digital screens are much more appealing than lots of flyers and posters, and don’t need to be taken down later and recycled – the messages simply drop off the playlist when they’re no longer relevant. Digital signage also reduces your environmental footprint since you’re saving paper and waste. And because the displays are digital, you can also have movement – live streaming, video, motion graphics and tickers; and can even add audio, if that makes sense for where a display is located.

Digital signage can also be used in the back office and in staff-only areas for internal communications, keeping everyone informed of what’s happening on property, so they can be prepared to put their best foot forward.

Hospitality is all about a superior guest experience – making sure their time at one’s property is pleasant and effortless, and gaining their loyalty so they’ll come back. Digital signs can help keep your guests involved and up to date.

In the Visix white paper, you will be walked through the essential steps for launching a successful digital signage programme, including the basics of a digital signage system, benefits for guests, staff and brand, how to budget, choose a system and plan one’s strategy, content ideas to attract and engage viewers, wayfinding, room signs, alerts and other options.

The whitepaper can be found on the site