Samsung introduces six step innovation roadmap

Through a six-step innovation road map, Samsung is redefining the hospitality experience and helping hotel customers identify and implement the best display solutions for their brand, business model and customer base.

Today’s tech-savvy hotel guests expect cutting-edge in-room enhancements as part of their stay. These customers seek a differentiated environment that still provides a comfortable, at- home feel through access to a variety of professional and personal content, applications and programs.

Samsung’s innovative hospitality displays offer new and exciting avenues for hotels to delight and engage guests while improving their own operational efficiency. An intuitive interface gives guests complete control of their in- room settings while unlocking unlimited opportunities to stay informed and entertained through a range of customised content. Hotels likewise benefit from more efficient communication and personalised customer service delivery without requiring a significant infrastructure overhaul.

To further maintain guests’ privacy and protect their potentially sensitive information, Samsung’s smart grade hospitality displays automatically delete use histories, cookies and customised application settings when guests check out.

Samsung’s hospitality displays include a dedicated home menu for seamless content delivery without requiring external devices or network infrastructure installation. As guests arrive, hotels can create and share a brief welcome message and other relevant stay information before switching to live programming. This convenient offering not only allows hotels to reinforce their brand, but also enables guests to quickly view and navigate through frequently used display features.

As an all-IP solution equipped with a CMTS server*, HE694 Series displays are able to receive internet without rewiring the hotel. Your hotel can thus offer high-quality IPTV without significant equipment investment, while simultaneously providing a more complete and premium guest experience.

To further extend guests’ content viewing possibilities, smart grade displays’ integrated Software Access Point (Soft AP) and Screen Mirroring technology allow guests to enjoy their mobile content on a larger screen with secure, private wireless connections between the central display and the mobile devices. As a result, guests can showcase mobile content on the larger screen without interruption or distortion. By the same token, through integrated Bluetooth connectivity, guests can stream music from their personal devices through the smart grade displays’ speakers.

This compatibility offers guests a common at-home amenity while serving as a cost-effective alternative that keeps luxury hotels from frequently replacing stolen or broken docking stations.


*Samsung’s hospitality displays do not include a CMTS server.