Samsung’s LYNK Hospitality Management Solution (LYNK HMS) elevates in-room displays into single-source content control and management hubs capable of communicating with multiple on-site platforms and servers. This integrated management platform fosters more efficient hospitality operations by granting guests complete control over all aspects of the in-room environment: IRC (Integrated Room Control), EMS (Energy Management Solution) and RMS (Room Management System).

LYNK HMS connects to in-room devices wirelessly over ZWAVE and ZigBee, which covers a wide range of devices. One of the strengths of this system is that it doesn’t require hard wiring to the device like conventional solutions.

Utilizing the TV as a gateway allows the hotel to maximize efficiency by implementing all three solutions – RMS, EMS and IR (In Room Control) – through one device:

  • IR: Deliver home comfort for hotel guests. One-stop easy room atmosphere controller (lights, A/C, curtains…)
  • EMS: Help hotels manage and save energy by automatically turning off lights or reducing AC level.
  • RMS: Enable efficient and automated room management

By consolidating a variety of services and communication needs to a single system, LYNK HMS helps hotels remedy guests’ needs faster and promote a more enjoyable stay.