Key trends in the hotel tech sector always tend to follow hot on the heels of those in the consumer sector. This is very much the case when it comes to the use of smartphones.

Today’s guests increasingly use the smartphone as a controlling device in the home, as it is at the heart of the “smart home” – no longer concept but very definite and concrete reality. In the hotel setting, the onset of apps is still slow in coming, as guests tend to shy away from installing an endless number of new apps on their phone. This is where major groups have an advantage, when “one fits all” can be used across a large number of properties.

Indeed, the guest tends to use his or her smartphone, laptop or tablet for all transactions nowadays, and hoteliers that fail to keep up with the pace will find themselves losing market share.

In the next pages, we bring you some valuable insights into how the mobile sector is evolving and how you can stay on the ball.