A unique welcome awaits visitors to the islands of Tahiti

The legendary warm welcome given by Polynesians has not changed over the years.

From the time Captain Samuel Wallis was welcomed with banana tree leaves as a sign of friendship and peace when he discovered the islands in June 1767, right up to today, each visitor who sets foot on the islands of Tahiti is charmed by the welcome given to him or her.

“Ia Ora Na”, “Maeva” and “Manava” are the three words used to welcome visitors.

Tereua TOM - Personnel

Today, many of the traditional rites are preserved. The spirit of Polynesian hospitality is present in all tourist establishments, whether they be large luxury hotels or small family hotels and homestays. And nowhere could this be truer than at The Tahiti Pearl Beach and Taha’a Resorts, where one is “immersed” in the local culture. Eager to present the very best of Polynesian culture, Tahiti Pearl offers numerous shows and exclusive cultural demonstrations for an unforgettable experience. From weekly Marquesian and Polynesian shows to handicraft workshops and dance lessons, the hotel is committed to making one’s stay something very special and memorable.



Banished in the past by missionaries, dance is nowadays more than ever an integral element of Polynesian culture. The Heiva I Tahiti, organised in July, is the occasion to watch the performances of the greatest dance schools and groups of the archipelago. The Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort offers regularly Marquesan and Tahitian themed evenings with exceptional dance shows and themed buffets.


Le Taha’a Resort also pays homage to Polynesian culture and traditions… A buffet featuring Tahitian delicacies, and international options, as a local trio serenades visitors through the night. Folkloric dances and a not-to- be-missed fire dance highlight the evening. Fire dance shows can most of the time be seen only at festivals or big events. Tavita, one of the best fire dancers, also known as one of the most tatooed men in French Polynesia, performs at the resort each week (weather permitting)!