Château Pape Clément: the embodiment of fine French wine, history, culture and gastronomy

In the image of Matthew D. Upchurch, Chairman & CEO of Virtuoso, we at Cleverdis are convinced that “once you get to a certain level of luxury, you literally can feel a property based on the personality of not only the GM, but even more so the owner.”

To this end, we are particularly delighted to relate our experience at Château Pape Clément in the Bordeaux region of France, because we believe it is undoubtedly one of those magical places where this assertion takes on all its sense. For lovers of Grands Crus, the simple name of Bernard Magrez evokes a legend, that of a “man of 40 châteaux”, but also and especially that of the only owner in the world of 4 grands crus classés in Bordeaux and, according to some indiscretions, perhaps soon 5!

What few know today is that Bernard Magrez and his daughter Cécile Daquin are also experts in the «ultra-luxury wine tourism» and that it is now possible for some privileged travellers to stay at Château Pape Clément, the heart of the Magrez Empire from where this exceptional man pilots this exceptional ensemble. Upon arrival at the château, one is under the charm of the park adorned with an extraordinary statue of Christ on the Cross, the first indication of an almost mystical journey, the age-old olive trees that have paid witness to some of the great moments in the history of mankind, the garden, and the animals. This first impression is confirmed by the visit of the château’s basement where one finds a chapel and a reproduction of the tomb of Pope Clement bringing an historical dimension to the experience. But it is once we are in the château itself that the fairy tale begins, with a dining room adorned with Baccarat, St. Louis, Precious Porcelains and original works of art, and a suite that’s more like a luxurious guest room in a family home rather than a “hotel” room.

Château Pape Clément © Luxury Wine Experience

Of course, experiencing such a place implies a visit to the Cuvier, the barrel cellar and the academy, helping one understand why the wines of Château Pape Clément are among the best in the world. As Château Pape Clément is the HQ where Magrez works every day, so this adds a very important dimension to the feeling of being extremely privileged.
The “Heart of the riches of Bordeaux” offering, including 1 dinner, 1 night at Château Pape Clément followed by a breakfast and discovery the next day of the Grande Maison of Bernard Magrez (2 Michelin stars) is particularly attractive for the traveller with little time to spare, but longer stays are also possible.

Photo: Château Pape Clément, Clos des Songes suite at Château Pape Clément