Women in Tourism and Hospitality ( is on track to a successful sell-out of its inaugural conference. The all-day event takes place in Toronto on September 18th, 2017 at the Park Hyatt Hotel, with a welcome cocktail reception to kick-off the conference on September 17th.

WITHorg (Women in Tourism and Hospitality Organisation) is dedicated to the advancement of women in the tourism and hospitality industries. With support from industry partners, WITHorg delivers impactful leadership skills development for talented, high potential women, including shared stories and experiences of women executives. Ongoing training and networking opportunities and performance matrix also deliver innovative research on diversity in the tourism and hospitality industry to members. 

Now, you see many, many more women on the front line and as General Managers, which is amazing

One of the renowned speakers who will share her knowledge during the event is Reeta Gupta, Chief Operating Officer of The Gupta Group and The Easton’s Group.  “Ten years ago, in the hospitality industry, you would only see men as you went up the hotel hierarchy,” says Gupta.  “Now, you see many, many more women on the front line and as General Managers, which is amazing.”

But, she believes more needs to be done. “There is a still a gap,” Gupta adds. “We still do not see many women in executive roles. This is what needs to change, and this conference will help. It’s so important to have women walk away from the conference, having heard from other women in executive positions such as Rosanna Caira and Anne Larcade, and feel empowered. More importantly, I hope we can create a strong sense of community. I am always looking for inspiration and always looking to learn and better myself!” 

The conference will feature industry icons and thought leaders sharing personal and professional stories of their unique paths to success. Development of individual and corporate best practice strategies will be shared and innovative initiatives and experience with other successful global executives curated and revealed.  Attendees will learn how to be bold, fierce, strong and motivated to take action.  The agenda is designed to focus on critical topics such as equality, diversity and building opportunities. A full list of speakers and event schedule can be accessed at

“The buzz and excitement surrounding this movement and conference is wonderful – industry needs to take action now,” stated Anne Lacarde, Co-Founder of WITH. “Rosanna and I are delighted to have such talented and inspiring speakers and panelists gather. By exchanging knowledge and engaging discourse on data, solutions, and advisory, we curate catalyst for change. This will be a progressive and inspiring celebratory event that will motivate and inspire, and participants will gain insights on their careers. As this is a member based community, the larger the membership, the greater voice we will have.”