TRACKING THE CHINESE TRAVELLER has just released its latest data on travel trends for Chinese tourists, with a particular spotlight on the USA.

Every year, the number of Chinese tourists traveling the globe increases significantly, making them the largest group of travellers in the world. Now, thanks in part to a recent agreement between the US and China to extend visas for short-term business travellers, tourists and students, the US could see an increase in Chinese travellers in the near future.

This trend is supported by research from the latest Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM) from which reveals the US is the second most popular destination for Chinese travellers to visit in the next 12 months (behind France), with popular US landmarks like the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty topping travel wish lists.

The Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM) analyses research taken directly from both Chinese international travellers and hoteliers worldwide, combined with own proprietary data and other research.

For the travelers’ survey, used Ipsos, a world leader in market research, which in April and May 2017 conducted interviews with 3,000 Chinese residents, aged 18–57 years, who had traveled overseas in the past 12 months. A Computer-assisted Web Interviewing technology was used. The representative sample consisted of men and women from a number of cities in all tiers.

Chinese travellers.jpgThe travellers were asked about travel behaviour, booking methods, accommodation choices and many other aspects of their travel.

The CITM research also identifies that, while cities in Asia Pacific remain the most popular (82% of Chinese travellers have visited in the past 12 months), visitors to Europe and America have increased with a year over year growth of 25% and 11%, respectively. These destinations were particularly popular with millennial travellers, with 42% visiting Europe and 29% visiting America in the past 12 months.

According to the CITM, the Top US Destinations for Chinese Travellers along with hotel suggestions are:

1. Hawaii

2. New York

  • Roxy Hotel Tribeca
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    • From $208 per night*

3. Los Angeles

  • The LINE Hotel
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4. Las Vegas

5. Seattle

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6. San Francisco

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All of these properties and many more can be booked via the mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

“The CITM reveals that the United States is one of the top five countries Chinese travellers visit the most,” said Josh Belkin, vice president and GM of the brand. “With tens of thousands of places to stay across the U.S., like distinctive boutiques, spacious vacation rentals and familiar chains, our site and mobile app have the perfect places for Chinese travellers of all ages and lifestyles.”

In 2016, there were 122 million outbound Chinese tourists1 – four percent more than in 2015 and a massive 74 percent more than in 2011, when we published the first CITM. China is already the largest source of international travellers for many countries – despite the fact only 10 percent of the population had passports in 20162!

More information from the 2017 CITM, including detailed research findings on the five Chinese traveler personas and top ranked amenities can be accessed here.