The 2017 Sanya Celebration, an international tourism promotional event organised by the Municipal Government of Sanya, officially kicks off in July.

Labelled, “a romantic invitation to the beautiful Sanya city”, the event will be run from July through September in the following countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia; the United Kingdom, Germany; Russia, Kazakhstan; Singapore and India.

Located on Hainan Island in south China, Sanya is a renowned tropical coastal holiday paradise and a key international gateway of the island.

Sanya Celebration

“Beautiful Sanya, Romantic Paradise” Sanya City promotes “Sanya Celebration”

Sanya Tourism Commission statistics show that with a steady rebound of international tourists in recent years, especially in 2017, Sanya has attracted near 280,000 inbound tourists from January to May, increasing over 70% compared to the same period last year. 

At the events, Sanya will introduce its latest city information, the classic coastal resort products, folk customs tours of local Li and Miao ethnic minorities, ecological forest tours, countryside tours and traditional Chinese medicine therapy tours.

The Celebration will present the city’s advantages in terms of tourism resources, economy and cultural heritages to promote inbound tourism of Sanya City as well as Hainan island. The city is targeting to receive 1 million international visitors in 2018, building it into the biggest international tourism in South China area.

Following the Belt and Road Initiative (B&R) development strategy, Sanya is actively expanding in the markets of Asia and Europe as well as Commonwealth of Independent States to build a transportation hub and destination along the Maritime Silk Road within 4-, 8- and 24-hour reach.

PHOTO – TOP OF PAGE: Tianya Haijiao, a popular visitor attraction in Sanya City