Just days after the whirlwind of the Vinexpo trade show in Bordeaux, the world-renowned Smith Haut Laffite château near Bordeaux is opening a “forest of the senses” as a way of combining wine tourism with other forms of culture.

Daniel and Florence Cathiard decided to have visitors live a unique experience at Château Smith Haut Lafitte: their 8 hectares “Forêt Eveillée” is a way of expression for young local contemporary artists.


“Sphère”, Jordi – The Sphere is an accumulation of identical shapes, a universal shape of the concept of unity, but as well of multiplicity from writing, that evokes nature and geometry.

Their art works are subjected to elements and “live” in total communion with Nature for some of them, or on the contrary for others, in opposition… But they all represent the philosophy of Château Smith Haut Lafitte: the respect for the environment and the biodiversity.

Playing on words, in “agriculture” one can see “culture” and in “aesthetics”, “ethics”

“We trust that in our cellars, our farm of horses, our cooperage or in our vines, our craftsmen make their own art. Besides they loved to be associated to this project and help the artists in setting up their artworks. Playing on words, in ‘agriculture’ one can see ‘culture’ and in ‘aesthetics’, ‘ethics’.”


“Vortex”, Guillaume Segond et Vincent Durante – A play of light through the leaves and the glistening threads of the spider’s vortex-web.

Since Saturday the first of July, visitors have been able to look at the games of lights all along the path scattered with art works which wind between trees, flowers, streams and vines. They are able to hear, touch, smell, and finally taste the surrounding nature, during a 2-hour walk.

Some pieces of the Land Art Collection made by local artists (Beaux Arts, Fabrique Pola) in response to the major artworks which surround the Château Smith Haut Lafitte:

  • “Sphère”, Jordi
  • “L’Île aux Sons”, José Le Piez
  • “Vortex”, Guillaume Segond et Vincent Durante
  • “Les Injonctions Paradoxales”, Vincent Mauger
  • “Le pied de Géant”, Ludovic Leblanc et Bastien Dulaurens
  • “La Cigogne et le Cigogneau”, Franck Estanguet
  • “Les Skis de Gulliver”, Cyrille Menei
  • “Avec Plaisir”, Guillaume Segond et Vincent Durante
  • “Generation Gap”, David Middlebrook
  • “Union”, Kate Fichard