FCS Computer Systems (FCS) has announced the launch of FCS Connect, an update to its leading hotel guest service management solution.

“With this new release, we have focused on optimising FCS Connect for the cloud, resulting in greater speed, efficiency and scalability in our cloud deployments,” said Jason Ling, Vice President of Marketing and Digital at FCS. “This together with several other new features we have added ensure FCS Connect remains the leading solution for hoteliers to deliver the best guest experience possible.”

With FCS Connect being able to support cloud based installations – whether for one property or multiple properties, only minimal capital investment is needed thanks to there being no requirement for purchasing costly hardware. Besides the flexible deployment options available, a cloud ready FCS Connect provides access to the platform from virtually anywhere, ensuring that hoteliers can oversee and manage their guest request operations at all times. As an online-based solution, FCS Connect is also capable of receiving instant software updates that enhance the solution’s ability to operate with the highest level of efficiency. The new version of FCS Connect is further equipped with more features that make guest request management even more powerful.

Samir Abi Frem, Corporate Vice President, Information Technology, Rotana Hotels and Resorts, commented, “At Rotana, the return on investment of our projects is not just measured based on a break-even period or revenue; it is also about the quality and consistency of service delivered to all our customers without fail. The FCS Connect solution as our new guest service management tool keeps all this in check and enables us with a great reporting functionality to assess where we are and how we can continue to improve and drive guest satisfaction, which was one of our main objectives for the project.”

Additional FCS Connect features:

  • A translation function for service requests is now expanded to all content within the system including ad-hoc comments or remarks.
  • Hotels can now take guest requests via SMS from guests directly. Guest only need to send an SMS message to the contact number provided during check-in for any service requests, FCS Connect will then create and assign jobs automatically.
  • When integrated with supported PMS, hotels can make use of the mobile information available in the PMS and send SMS messages to guests for any updates or to ask for additional details on a request.
  • FCS Connect now provides a media library, where requests, voice messages, files and images can be stored and quickly retrieved when necessary.
  • Staff can scan QR codes with the mobile app to report their location and ensure requests are being completed in the right place.
  • The mobile app also features the ability to send voice messages and images that can be associated with a particular job request.

Always be there for your guests with FCS Connect

With a constant flow of guest requests able to overwhelm property resources on any given day, it pays to implement a solution equipped with all the tools necessary to consistently achieve total satisfaction. With FCS Connect, hoteliers can always ensure that each task and request is instantly handled by the most qualified property representative. Able to direct and manage resources accordingly, FCS Connect can also guarantee that expenses are handled with efficiency while assuring guests of their ability to enjoy all hotel services, regardless of when they book their stay.