With the rebuilding of Seoul’s overhead metro system into an extraordinary pedestrian system, the local government is launching into a new tourism era for the South Korean capital.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) invited journalists from Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand to an event to introduce Seoullo 7017, the Seoul Station Overpass.

New tourist attractions are linked to Seoullo 7017 include the Bukchon Goblin Course, Jenny House, and more, ahead of the official opening of Seoullo on May 20th, 2017.

A total of 18 journalists from 11 Asian media outlets were invited to participate in the three-day program. The program allowed the journalists to experience the newly renovated overpass and various tourist attractions in the capital city from May 16th to 19th in the categories of sightseeing, culture, and Hallyu or the Korean Wave.

Seoullo 7017, which was introduced to Asian media outlets, is a symbol of the city’s people-centred urban renovation. Seoullo 7017 was transformed from an ageing highway built for cars into a rest area and tourist attraction for pedestrians. The landmark overpass was built in 1970 and had been regarded as a symbol of Korea’s industrialisation.

Seoullo_7017_Map.jpgSeoullo 7017’s name is meaningful and has many layers. Seoullo means Seoul’s road, and the “70” in the name refers to the year 1970 when highway was first constructed. “17” is a reference to the year 2017, when its transformation into an elevated public park was completed. The renovation project began in December 2015 and was completed in 2017. The grand opening is scheduled for May 20th, 2017.

Seoullo 7017 is comprised of a total of 17 pedestrian walkways. The walkways consist of a main passage with side passages that connect to Toegye-ro toward Namdaemun Market, Namsan and Myeong-dong in the east of the city, and to Seoul Station Seobu and Malli-dong Square in the west. It will also feature convenient facilities, such as coffee shops, restaurants and tourist information centers. There will be plants comprised of 228 species of trees and flowers.

Seoullo 7017, Korea’s first high overpass stretching for 1,024 meters, is a symbol of SMG’s commitment to sustainable urban renovation. SMG’s is committed to creating a pedestrian-friendly city, and to making the areas surrounding Seoul Station an international hub for tourism and culture.

Mayor Park Won-soon personally introduced Seoullo 7017 to the invited journalists during a meeting at Seoul Bibimbap, a newly built restaurant on Seoullo 7017. SMG has appointed several Seoul City Chef associate. Two of Seoul City Chef associate are Chef Kim Sohyi, the owner of Kim Kocht, a Korean fusion restaurant in Austria, and Korea’s first Michelin-star chef, Kim Hooni, the owner of the Korean restaurant Danji in New York. Seoul City Chef associate will collaborate in Seoul’s gourmet tour project by advising on recipes served at Seoul Bibimbap.

SMG also presented the Bukchon Goblin Course, a new walking tour course in Bukchon Hanok Village. The course visits locations featured in the internationally popular Korean drama “Goblin.”

During the presentation, journalists saw locations out of the drama, such as a beautiful stonewall path between Duksung Girls’ High School and Pungmun Girls’ High School. That location is where the drama’s stars, Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun, first meet in the show. Other important locations from the show, such as a bench located at the House of Yun Po-seon, and other tourist spots in Bukchon Hanok Village are also part of the course. The area is one of Korea’s best traditional neighborhoods.

Jenny House was also a part of the presentation. Jenny House is Seoul’s leading beauty salon brand and Jenny House is the main salon of many famous Korean actors, actresses, and K-pop stars. All participants in the program were given an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in hair and makeup styling during the Hallyu Star Beauty Styling Class.

In addition to the Styling Class, SMG currently offers a variety of activity programs where participants can learn to cook Korean food, learn K-pop dance moves, and join a broadcasting theme park tour. Please visit for more information and to sign up.

Galleria Duty Free 63 was also introduced during the presentation. It is a large, new duty free Store located at 63 Square in Yeouido. 63 Square is one of Seoul’s landmark buildings; it offers views of the Han River and is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

Kim Myoung-joo, Director of the SMG Tourism Business Division, said: “It is an honour to introduce Seoullo 7017 and other new tourist attractions in Seoul to Asian media outlet for the first time through this press tour program. We will be fully prepared to make sure that all foreign tourists who visit Seoul during the summer will enjoy the new charms of Seoul.”