Hong Kong Tourism Board designs thematic sightseeing experiences of “Old Town Central,” encouraging visitors to take to the streets for an in-depth exploration of local culture

To provide visitors with a unique perspective when exploring Hong Kong’s culture and entertainment hub – Central and the adjacent Sheung Wan area – the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB),, has designed five themed walking tours to showcase more than 100 years of the city’s history.

Five distinctly themed walking routes will offer visitors endless avenues to experience the vast and vibrant Central district, including its colonial monuments, temples, art galleries, antique stores, street art displays, popular restaurants, rooftop bars and local delicacies, with hidden gems at every turn.

“Each district in Hong Kong has its unique culture and characteristics, and Central is an important landmark in the development of Hong Kong history,” said HKTB’s U.S. Director Bill Flora. “It is a place where East and West, past and present coexist and collide. ‘Old Town Central’ showcases the rich elements of Central and Sheung Wan, including historical architecture, arts and culture, culinary treats and hidden gems, in the hope of bringing more visitors to explore this dynamic district.”

Old Town Central covers a neighboUrhood bounded by Wyndham Street to the east, Caine Road to the south, Possession Street to the west and Queen’s Road Central to the north, with Hollywood Road – one of the first roads built in the city – spanning through it. Located in the heart of Old Town Central is SoHo, an area that represents the blending of traditional culture, heritage, and innovation, featuring PMQ a haven for local designers and one of Hong Kong’s top tourist attractions. The historical venue is a landmark for creativity with more than 100 design studios, and retail shops and memorable dining experiences.


“Old Town Central” Five Themed Walking Tours:
The tours lead travelers on a journey through fascinating contrasts of East and West, tradition and innovation, the past, present and future, and into the heart of Hong Kong.

Tasting Hong Kong: Central is a paradise for food lovers, and this tour offers a world of choices to satisfy any pallet. From traditional dim sum to local dai pai to eclectic street food to international fusion and fine wine, there is something for every taste bud.

Time Traveler: A journey of history and heritage through Central and Sheung Wan where the story of modern Hong Kong first began. From Possession Point, where the British flag was first officially raised, to the Tai Ping Shan area where many Chinese first settled in the 1840’s, this tour leads through some of the city’s oldest and historic streets.

Crazy for Art: A stroll down the Hollywood Road, one of the oldest streets in Hong Kong, lined with galleries offering a huge range of artworks, from ancient to contemporary and from Asian to Western, offering artists and coinsures of all levels with endless inspiration.

Treasure Hunt: For the adventurer looking for the diamonds in the rough, this tour starts on Upper Lascar Row – a fascinating mix of antiques and Chinese calligraphy dealers – and moves up to Tai Ping Shan Street and the PoHo area – a young and vibrant community of businesses formed by the creative minded and stylishly savvy, then wraps up around the Bridges Street area – a melting pot of old and new, with second-hand book and knickknacks, feeding the imagination with visions of the city’s past.

Something for Everyone: For those with limited time, this tour covers the top landmarks and points of interest from each thematic tour. Travelers will discover heritage sites, explore art, sample local food and hunt for hidden treasures before landing on Pottinger Street, the vibrant heart of the neighborhood.

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