The Vosges Mountains: Nature in All its Glory

The Massif des Vosges is a territory that’s unique in its genre, with its unspoilt nature, peatlands, and original wildlife such as the lynx, chamois or the grouse, in deep forests of conifers, without forgetting its inhabitants, generous and hospitable by nature.

The Vosges region has demonstrated resistance to all adversities: climate, history and the passage of time. It offers a host of activities and discoveries on the themes of simplicity, authenticity and sharing.




A map of the “Massif des Vosges” resembles an adventure book where anything is possible. Walking or riding, alone or with family, in expert version or in discovery mode, over short or long distances, on a day trip or for several days, for wine-tasting, relaxation or exploration… or even just botanical discovery… In addition to the pleasures of hiking are more hedonistic pleasures such as gourmet stops in cottages, huts, guesthouses, hotels or farm-hostels…


An accessible and authentic mountain region which generously offers itself to all lovers of walking or cycling, regardless of their levels.

Castles, parks and gardens: the numerous mediaeval castles provide splendid viewpoints over the valleys. And parks, arboretums and gardens are scattered throughout the mountains like so many colourful Gardens of Eden.

The myriad establishments of every shape and size will welcome you for succulent, simple fare or fine dining.