Paris: The Extended City

Paris lives, Paris moves, Paris abounds: new trends appear and push back the limits of the city. In this new dynamic, many professionals offer original, innovative and unique tours and activities.


Cosmopolitan Paris – a melting pot of communities: stroll through the colourful avenues of the Asian, African or Indian neighbourhoods, for shopping, tastings and activities.
Artistic Paris – the discovery of street art, architecture, and contemporary art: Vitry-sur-Seine in Saint- Denis, from 10th to the 18th districts, on foot or by bike! Just as original: marvelling over the 30’s architecture of Boulogne-Billancourt, or the ultra-modern skyscrapers of La Défense. Essential: guided visits of the contemporary art galleries and artists’ studios, from Pantin to Fontenay-sous- Bois.
Festive Paris – by day and by night: from jovial guinguettes to throbbing electro festivals, from the vaulted cellars to the trendiest rooftops, Paris never stops dancing!


• Tree-lined, owering escapades in places that are part of the city’s heritage: the gardens and parks of Paris provide greenery, coolness and outdoor entertainment.
Underground Paris, haunted Paris, its secret alleyways, its unexpected vines: the city reveals its mysteries to the delight of the curious visitor.
City of music on Seguin Island (opening spring 2017): the “musical Seine” will be available for the organisation of concerts and events: a musical set with a total surface close to 38,000m2