Nightlife: Good Night? … Sure Was!

From the masquerade parties of yesteryear to the Cancan of the cabarets, Guinguettes on the banks of the Marne, the ferias of the southwest, from the bus palladium to the white nights, France has distinguished itself over the centuries by the wealth and diversity of its nocturnal activities.

The offering in terms of nightlife is today extremely varied, with halls of international renown or the hybrid venue – a blend of coffee house, restaurant, show stage and exhibition hall, offering a festive and cultural spectacle – from the concert halls to the countless clubs across the nation.


  • An abundant offer of excellent quality, both in Paris and provincial zones
  • A French night offering that is both festive and cultural
  • Quality of venues (set design, design, architecture) which makes France an international reference in the field


  • 150,000 restaurants and 45,000 bars, cafés and clubs
  • 1,425 festivals organised each year


A celebration of electronic music, the “nuits sonores” (sound nights) bring together in Lyon, for 5 days and 4 nights, DJs from France and around the world. This is the #1 French festival of independent electronic music, and it is also an important European event. In unusual places, through the streets, night or day, Lyon vibrates to the sound of electronic music.

Meeting, sharing, discovery and musical festivity are on the programme of this celebration which makes a point of maintaining a spirit of urban conviviality, with “audio aperitifs”, “sound naps”, electronic circuits and the discovery of emerging regional and international artists, with the Village des Nuits Sonores offering countless free events.

Family friendly events include the Sunday Park – open to all, closing the festival in an affable atmosphere. There’s also a “Mini Sonores” Festival for the young ones.



The Bellevilloise was originally the first Parisian cooperative founded in 1877 aiming to give modest people access to political and cultural education.

Since its reopening, La Bellevilloise, an independent and multidisciplinary Parisian centre of culture, installed in the former “maison du peuple” (house of the people), dedicates more than 2,000 m2 to all forms of expressions and practices: innovative artistic approaches, new cultural and social practices, presentations, but also festive media ideas and creations…

With concerts, shows, exhibitions, projections, parades, but also a club and a café, places to meet and exchange, the Bellevilloise plunges the visitor into the culture of Paris.

It is also a place of architectural heritage, as an open stage to the local neighbourhood, not forgetting the restaurant’s “olive tree hall” and its panoramic terrace overlooking the capital…