Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay: A Unique Historic Site and Natural Setting

A UNESCO world heritage site, Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay enable visitors to admire a breath-taking maritime landscape. Its spring tides hold the record in France in terms of amplitude, with water entering the bay at an impressive pace over a patchwork of polders and mussel farms, allowing the mythical architectural work to be reflected across the immensity of the sea.

Discovering Mont-Saint- Michel and its Bay is an exceptional experience, as is meeting the locals! Visitors can observe bottlenose dolphins, taste the saltmarsh lamb, learn to cook on an old sailing ship, cross the bay on foot, discover old Corsair towns such as Saint-Malo and Granville, enjoy oysters, visit an archipelago such as the Chausey Islands, make their own shortbread, or discover craftworks in copper and tin. The visitor is invited to live his or her own experience.

With safe, quiet roads wending along the coastline, crossing wild moors skirting pretty beaches, Mont-Saint- Michel and its Bay are ideal for cycling.


• Site of the biggest spring tides in continental Europe.

The Mont-Saint-Michel abbey offers an exceptional ensemble of buildings representing different styles from the Middle Ages.

A paradise for hikers with emblematic routes such as the Way of St. James or the customs trail, enabling them to discover breath-taking landscapes!