Le Louvre-Lens: a Crossroads of Time, Civilization, Art and Culture

A beautiful building in the heart of the mining basin, the Louvre-Lens (a decentralised wing of the Paris Museum) has already hosted more than two million visitors since 2012. Built on the site of a former mine, the Louvre-Lens exposes and explains the masterpieces of the past, through these treasures of humanity that allow one to better understand the present and to look towards the future.

Cradled in light, the Gallery of Time is exhibiting, for 5 years, the masterpieces of the Louvre in the Museum of the Louvre-Lens. All civilizations and techniques are represented, thus embracing the chronological and geographical extent of the collections from the Louvre Museum. The Gallery of time is organised into 3 main periods: 70 works from antiquity, 45 from the middle ages and 90 modern-day works. And the Gallery of time changes: each anniversary of the inauguration of the Museum sees a renewal of the works.


Exhibition of masterpieces from the Louvre, works of antiquity, the middle ages and the modern era in a single space.

The historical mining center of Lewarde enables one to better understand the mine, its miners, its camps, its slag heaps, and its generations who worked underground.

Local trends: Michelin star chefs, award-winning beers, ripened cheeses… the surroundings of the Louvre-Lens museum offer a swathe of gastronomic experiences.