French Guiana: Ecotourism Paradise

By unrolling the green carpet of its Amazon rainforest (8 million hectares) on 90% of the territory, French Guiana reserves its charms and mysteries for those who take the time to discover it in the only traditional way: the waterways. Crisscrossed in every direction by rivers large and small, this destination offers soft adventure accessible to all lovers of nature and authentic encounters. Visitors can glide along the Maroni River in a dugout canoe, discovering the pleasures of sharing the culture and way of life of the peoples of the river – Amerindian or Bushinenge ethnic groups. Days punctuated by the river ow thus offer a whole different set of emotions, strong images and silent immensity.

In addition to its rivers, Guiana has surprises with its many nature reserves such as the swamps of Kaw which spread on nearly 100,000 hectares.

This paradise of grass and water that crosses the Kaw River, with a mountain backdrop, is the realm of 3 species of caimans and countless birds, including the Great Egret, Cocoi Heron, Black Jacana or the Hoatzin.


  • An exciting place for the observation of nature, easily accessible with commentary by fauna and ora experts.
  • History: memories of a penal colony, whose classi ed vestiges can be visited on St. Lawrence or the Salvation islands off the coast of Kourou.
  • Thrills guaranteed with an invitation to experience the launch of an Ariane rocket!