France’s Top Wine-Growing Regions Reveal Their Secrets

At the cross-roads of cultural and gastronomic tourism, wine tourism allows the visitor to discover outstanding French wines, visit the vineyards and to meet the winegrowers.

Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy… just some examples of names that have made France so famous on the international stage when it comes to wine. French wines are renowned globally for their quality and diversity, and are indeed one of the key attractions of this nation, also thanks to the breathtaking beauty of its wine-growing regions.


  • The quality of the wines,
  • Diversity of terroirs,
  • Unique expertise underlined by the recent ranking of the vineyards of Burgundy and Champagne on the UNESCO world heritage list.
  • Dedicated website


  • 10,000 cellars: More than 10,000 cellars open to the public in France.
  • 7.5 million visitors each year – including 3 million international visitors.


The vineyards of Alsace offer a range of exceptional wines. Rich in history and architecture and boasting a unique landscape, they hold a range of varied events all year round.

SMGAF_Wine_Tourism_AlsaceProtected by the natural barrier of the Vosges Mountains, the vineyards of Alsace benefit from a unique climate and a variety of different grape-growing districts. The Alsace Wine Route, one of the oldest in France, crosses different wine districts.

Whether on foot, along the vineyard tracks and discovery walking routes, or by bike on the Vineyards Cycle-way, trips through the wine districts reveal the work of the winegrowers and the art of the Alsace wines. Meetings with winegrowers and wine tasting along the way pleasantly punctuate a walk or ride through this land of traditions and wines.


A world leader in Cognac, Hennessy has reinvented its visitor tours, offering a dynamic and multi-sensorial experience. Les Visites Hennessy offer ve different types of visits, responding to all tastes and requirements, ranging from discovery tours lasting one and a half hours, for novices, to a full day behind the scenes of the company, for connoisseurs.

A cruise on the Charente River provides an unusual start to the new Hennessy

tours at Cognac. Experts welcome the visitor on board for a private visit in a small group to the heart of the Hennessy universe. Refined, aesthetic and inspiring, this new tour, which follows the rhythms of the making of cognac, stimulates the sensations, between surprise and enchantment. The only producer to have a Tasting Committee, Hennessy opens the doors to its workshop where you discover the secrets and different stages of the production of Cognac.