France’s Overseas Territories: a Foretaste of Paradise!

Do you know that France has twelve overseas islands and territories in the world’s most beautiful places?

They are home to 80% of France’s biodiversity, with breath-taking landscapes, a cross-bred historical and cultural legacy with American, African, Indian and Kanak origins… and world-renowned savoir-faire as in the case of the Pearls of Tahiti, Martinique rum, vanilla from Reunion Island. With their tropical or subtropical climates, these exotic destinations are ideal when winter arrives in Europe.

7,000 km to the west of the European continent, we find the French West Indies – Saint-Martin, the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique – great “get away” destinations in which to relax. On the islands of Guadeloupe or Martinique, the richness of the marine natural parks and rainforests makes these islands a destination of choice for a diving holiday or hiking. Saint-Martin offers beautiful pristine beaches and shopping lovers won’t be disappointed. Creole culture prevails, with a true festive spirit!

9,345 km from Paris, Reunion Island – an overseas “department” – combines the exoticism of a distant destination with the safety of a French region. For holiday makers looking for the out- of-the-ordinary, exchanges, emotions and sensations, the Reunion is truly enchanting.

France in the heart of the Pacific: these beautiful archipelagos will satisfy anyone looking for a deserted beach on which to spend a romantic holiday, a playground for water sports or a place that touches and surprises, not forgetting their Pacific Island culture and reputed friendliness.