Corsica: Rendez-vous in Terra Nostra

No-one can deny that Corsica is the greenest, most spectacular, most varied and most beautiful of all the Mediterranean islands. From north to south, east to west and from the sea to the mountains, the visitor is taken aback by the island’s varied landscapes, with smart coastal towns contrasting with secluded inland villages on this hugely diverse island.

The many sites and monuments dotted all over Corsica bear witness to the island’s history and vibrant, open culture, which is supported by centuries of tradition and kept alive by the island’s sense of identity expressed through song, music and local arts and crafts.

Whether hiking along some of the most beautiful footpaths in the world, mountain biking through unspoilt forests, horse riding on some of the island’s 2,000 kilometres of bridle paths, or scuba-diving in coral reefs, the visitor will soon realise that Corsica is the perfect playground for adventurers and sports enthusiasts of all levels. Above all, Corsica has unique landscapes waiting to be discovered – a single region boasting a multitude of treasures.


  • High-quality tourism based on excellent accommodation and infrastructure.
  • The “Corsica Made” label promotes Corsican identity through food, culture, heritage and the island’s way of life.
  • An accessible destination throughout the year thanks to direct flights from 33 cities in France and 36 cities around Europe.