Champagne: a Land of Effervescence and Authenticity

The vineyards, houses and cellars of Champagne are registered on the UNESCO world heritage list in the category “cultural landscapes”.

Three constituent parts which embody the “terroir” of Champagne and combine the functions of living environment, working environment and a showcase of traditional know-how. They are at the heart of creation of the ultimate reference in effervescent wine making methods.

A product of excellence, Champagne is recognised as the universal symbol of celebration, reconciliation or partying.


To discover the wines of Champagne, there’s nothing better than to follow the tourist route of Champagne that stretches for about 700 kilometres in the Marne, the Aubre and the Aisne with about 80 reception points.

Champagne offers 8 well- signposted circuits that lead to some magnificent viewpoints of authentic villages, old monasteries and imposing castles and churches. And to understand what makes this unique brew, there’s nothing like opening the cellar doors to meet the winemakers and share their passion.


  • Nearly 500 champagne makers, labelled “Vineyards and discoveries”, offer carefully selected services and benefits.
  • 700 kilometres of signposted tourist routes
  • 2,000 kilometres of signposted hiking routes and more than 100 hiking circuit.


By Bettina Badon