Brittany: an Open Gate to the Atlantic

Spectacular seascapes, intimate bays, welcoming valleys, spellbinding moors and groves, and the sensual lines of vast dunes… the scenery changes at every turn. Here, earth and the sea are interwoven, as are open spaces and human activity, infinity and softness. The Breton soul is reflected in its contrasts. This wealth, which feeds the imagination and the local dynamism, is carefully protected.

With a total of 1,772 km coastline, Brittany presents a remarkable variety of seaside landscapes: rocky cliffs, sandy or pebble beaches, islands, salt marshes and estuaries. A land of myth and folklore, this is also a region whose forests rustle to legends such as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and Merlin the enchanter.

From the Emerald Coast to the Gulf of Morbihan, passing by the fortress city of Saint-Malo, the superb resort town of Dinard, the Aber Ildut, which is the dividing line between the channel and the Atlantic Ocean, the Iroise sea and its many islands, the Harbour of Brest, the bay of Douarnenez, or Carnac and its lines of dolmens and menhirs… there are countless opportunities for adventure and discovery.


  • Extremely varied coastal scenery punctuated with numerous characteristic ports.
  • A unique climate, tonic effect, the quality of the sea water: Brittany is the quintessential rejuvenating destination to regain energy and serenity.
  • Countless iconic festivals (Trans Musicales meetings in Rennes, Interceltique Festival in Lorient, Festival of old ploughs, etc.).