4 Seasons In The Pyrénées

The wintry charms of the Pyrénées and its 38 ski resorts are well-known. A huge variety of activities is available, from skiing or snowboarding in the different resorts, to climbing icy waterfalls for the more adventurous, paragliding, snowshoeing, and even family sleigh outings.

Summer is also renowned for the many walking trails which are among France’s most popular. But the Pyrenean year is more than just these two star seasons. In the spring, when the melted ice reinvigorates the waterways, the Pyrénées turns into a trout fisherman’s paradise.

And don’t miss the beginning of autumn adorned with red garlands for the Indian summer, like nothing you’ve ever seen before – the blessed season for mushrooms. Autumn is also a rare time for communion with nature, when you can hear the stag bell in the Louron or Barousse valley, and catch sight of herds of doe.


  • Variety: the soul, nature, culture, sharing of ways of life, breath-taking landscapes, stories to tell.
  • Unity: link between Mediterranean, Atlantic, France and Spain: a unity of places and a meeting of peoples.
  • Nature: the mountain is a source of vitality and well-being (preserved nature, clean air, spring water, natural lifestyle, healthy foods).