Increasing Awareness of France’s Assets

By their very essence, our activities as a consulting company and suppliers of high added-value information (what we term “Information Intelligence”), brings us to study, analyse, comprehend and then put into perspective information that can facilitate the work of professionals from around the world for whom we work.

Our publications aim to be veritable communication platforms on a global level between the different actors of the ecosystem of travel, tourism and hospitality, and to achieve this, we are constantly listening with great attention to the needs and initiatives of those operating on all fronts. This unique position on a global level allows us to assess the relevance of each tool or initiative with regard to the identified needs.

We had followed with interest the creation and then implementing the Poles of Excellence and the Destination Contracts by Atout France. These two concurrent initiatives respond to a real need on the part of the market to increase awareness of the assets of France as a whole and to discover new destinations within France itself.

We are therefore particularly pleased to have been able to participate in fostering a better knowledge of these factors and to present them according to a methodology that is ours, in the form of a real decision making tool, brief but comprehensive, highlighting clear USPs and Key Figures.

Thanks very much to all those who have helped us achieve this work – in particular Atout France and the different players from these destinations who can look forward to strong tourism development. We also thank the Travel Advisors who shared with us their feelings towards these new tools.