A speaker at this year’s EHMA conference, Peter Verhoeven is Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for, a role he has held since July of 2014. He is ultimately responsible for the operational health of all aspects of’s business in the region, including accommodation partner growth, support and retention, business development, and customer service. Just prior to the conference we asked him to tell us more about the main themes of his talk.

My presentation will be focusing on how teams use data to improve customer experiences every day.

What do you see as the main changes in this industry in the years to come, and what should hoteliers be doing to better prepare for the future?
One major challenge in this industry is to understand how an accommodation can be best visible during the customer journey, by constant experimentation and learning from customer behavior. Every entrepreneur can have a different approach depending on many factors – but constant learning is a requirement for all.

Why do you feel EHMA is important in fostering intelligence and growth in the industry?
The EHMA is an opportunity, where a wide variety of industry actors gather to learn, educate and exchange about the ever changing landscape – a testimony to acknowledge that education is a life long journey to keep up to speed!