Diversey Care were back at the EHMA AGM with valuable support and ideas for top-line hoteliers – interview with company president, Dr. Ilham Kadri…

What’s new from Diversey this year in the hospitality field? We put the “leading question” to Dr. Kadri.

True to our value proposition, “In collaboration we contribute to a profitable Hospitality Industry that puts the guests and the environment first”, we will once again innovate in 2017 with solutions that solve our customer’s most pressing challenges.

As you know, “Internet of Clean” is a platform that connects machines, dispensers, sensors, beacons, and other smart devices to finally achieve answers to many of the most pressing issues affecting the hospitality sector. These include improved safety and operational performance, visibility of assets, task prioritisation, reduced use of water and/or chemicals, and increased guest satisfaction. As part of the roll out of the game- changing Internet of Clean platform, we will keep introducing exciting innovations that help our customers optimise performance and productivity in kitchens, enhance food safety, protect brand reputation and improve use of resources.

Also, because sustainability is part of our DNA and it is more and more a reason why guests choose a particular hotel, we have developed SURE®, a comprehensive range of plant- based, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable cleaning products for Kitchen, Housekeeping and Personal Care that deliver the professional cleaning results hoteliers need for their eco-certification schemes, while being safe for people and kind to the environment.

And last but not least, our new Efficient Housekeeping program integrates new solutions, like the Lap Collection of hand hygiene and skin care products, and our Accelerated Air Care solution to eliminate any malodour issue in less than 30min.

Last year you introduced the Internet of Clean Platform. What has the feedback been like for this, and where is it primarily rolling out?
During 2016 we rolled out IntelliCare, an intelligent hand care solution; IntelliConsult, a digital and modular food safety platform, and IntelliDish, a cloud-powered mechanical ware washing monitoring system. We have also improved our existing IntelliTrail and

Smartview applications for fleet management and site operations management respectively.

These solutions will help our customers optimise performance and productivity in kitchens, enhance food safety, protect brand reputation and improve use ofresources.

Why is your relationship with EHMA so important?
Diversey Care has been pleased to be a supporting partner of EHMA since 2011 because both organisations share a passion for advancing the hospitality industry through excellence and sustainable development and innovation.

With its potential reduction in energy, water and waste consumption, the hospitality industry can make a huge positive impact on the environment.

And through collaboration with industry leaders like Sealed Air, together we can identify the best solutions for reducing negative consequences on our planet.

I would like to thank EHMA for their valuable partnership. This is an outstanding group of professionals who master the art of hospitality.