With a portfolio at the Stenden University of Applied Sciences including education, research, ICT, HRM, facilities, marketing, support services, and real estate, Drs Klaas-Wybo van der Hoek had plenty to talk about at the 2017 EHMA* conference. We asked him to tell us a little more about his presentation.

Disruptors in luxury hospitality is not only about innovations in ICT and hardware. It is about mind set and behaviour. The way hotel managers and hotel staff are acting is the key.

What do you see as the main changes in this industry in the years to come, and what should hoteliers be doing to better prepare for the future?

They have to serve new guests with new views and demands. It also requires a new framework of training and education, as well as a new approach of hotel management schools, universities and research.

Why do you feel EHMA is important in fostering intelligence and growth in the industry?

Associations of professionals such as EHMA can stir this in the future. By interaction and dialogue the profession has to be developed in the future direction. The benefit of the association is the social constructivism learning and the accumulation of knowledge and professional experience (‘evidence base’).