With the main theme of this year’s European Hotel Managers’ Association conference being “disruptors in luxury hospitality”, we asked Sander Allegro to tell us more about his presentation at the event (interview undertaken just before event).

We will explore the theme by discussing the major trends and developments that may cause disruption, by presenting new and exciting concepts. Furthermore, we will zoom into the distribution issue with speakers from leading companies in this eld and will explore the consequences of disruption for future hotel managers with presidents of leading hotel schools. Last but not least we will discuss the consequences of disruptions with a panel consisting of representatives of business partners of EHMA.

What do you see as the main changes in this industry in the years to come, and what

should hoteliers be doing to better prepare for the future?
Change is plentiful! Obviously, technology is the prime development to watch as I believe it will change our business fundamentally. In addition, luxury hotels should be realizing that there is a new paradigm for luxury that is no longer about gold plated bathroom fixtures and shiny chandeliers, but is about inner peace, relaxation and spending quality time with loved ones.

Many trends shape industry from the outside, but the real change has to come from people within the industry.