When it comes to upsetting the apple cart, Zoku Amsterdam is at the front of the queue, creating a new category in the hotel industry that can be best described as a hybrid between a home and an office. We asked MD & Co-founder Hans Meyer to tell us more.

A standard hotel room is organised around a singular piece of furniture: the bed. At Zoku Amsterdam, a kitchen table is the central feature. It’s a welcome admission of a basic fact that most travellers already know — that a hotel room, particularly in an urban location, should be more than a place to sleep. This is Amsterdam. You’re not unplugging your devices, you’re not on a getaway to a tropical island. You have work to nish up, e-mails to answer. Maybe you’d like to make your own coffee, maybe you’d rather grab a few pastries from the corner bakery than go out for breakfast. Zoku is a new accommodation hybrid that does not just accept that reality, but embraces it. The word “zoku” is Japanese for family or tribe. In other words, even though Zoku’s lofts make excellent venues for working, you’re not expected to hole up in one all afternoon just because you have a deadline. Zoku expands the de nition of a hotel into a platform where knowledge, ideas and people can mingle on a daily basis. Encouraging connection, Zoku offers diverse social areas to encourage effortless interaction between Zoku’s residents, Amsterdam’s locals and the in-the-know Zoku team called Sidekicks.