Launched in 2007, In the Know Experiences was created by Lia Batkin and Seth Kaplan, after noticing tremendous potential for a travel and lifestyle company that catered to a younger and more savvy demographic.

Specialising in luxury travel and lifestyle experiences, the company now caters to celebrities, executives, athletes and people all over the world. We met with the couple after ILTM Cannes and asked what they brought home from the show…

Lia Batkin: More than ever there were interesting new products coming out that I haven’t seen before. Companies are putting more thought into what’s going to differentiate them in the luxury market, coming up with unique ideas that set them apart.
Seth Kaplan:Luxury is definitely booming. Major hotel brands are launching more hotels, and there are more and more small brands popping up.

It seems people are not “steering away” too much from Europe despite the events of the past year or so. Why do you think this resilience is continuing?
LB: Fortunately and unfortunately we’re starting become immune to all this. People

are starting to realise that they need to get on with their lives, while still being smart and heeding travel warnings.

What are the “sweet spots” in Europe at the moment for American travellers?
SK: Eastern Europe is becoming popular again and we’re getting a lot of interest for Slovenia. Different parts of Italy, such as Puglia are becoming more popular. People are looking for destinations away from the major cities. Bordeaux has become extremely popular, as food and wine and health and wellness are growing as key focuses.
LB: Interestingly, the hotel is often now more of a focus than the destination itself. People are seeking out more modern hotels appealing to a younger demographic. I am also seeing many more people travelling to Europe in the winter than they ever did before.


What kinds of tourism are growing the fastest for you in Europe?
LB: Health and wellness has always been big, but it’s de nitely getting bigger. People are looking at Medi-spas as places to go on vacation rather than just somewhere to go to lose some weight. There are some incredible properties focussing on health and wellness, but also making it an “experience”.