We take a close-up look at AMETIS VILLA – a collection of stunning private “homes away from home” in Bali – part of the TemptingPlaces group – a dream getaway for newlyweds or romantic couples.


Named after a precious stone “Amethyst”, Ametis Villa Bali features a collection of 14 private villas located in 7500m2 of villa area set within the tranquil confines of a tropically landscaped compound.

Opened in March 2011, the resort is designed to represent Balinese Community throughout the luxury compound and public area for social interaction, combined Balinese tradition and modern comfort. From customised furnishings to personalised amenities, including a personal butler, no detail has been overlooked at Ametis Villa Bali.

Ametis Imperial_Villa5.jpg

Imperial Villa

The villas feature a semi outdoor living room space, an oversized private pool and sun lounger, and a spa style en-suite bath room that seemingly merge into the outdoors to create natural atmosphere. A gourmet kitchen, complimentary daily re-stocked mini bar, coffee maker and tea selection with home make cookies, a home entertainment system with satellite channels, IDD telephone as well as Wi-Fi connections are also present- all the necessary modern comfort to feel home away from home. In the privacy of their own villa, guests can participate in private cooking lessons or request poolside candlelight dinners. Room service is available for 24 hours and the daily newspaper, tropical fruits, afternoon tea and sunset cocktails are complimentary for more comfort.


Beach at Canggu.jpg

The beach at Canggu is a paradise for surfers offering glorious sunsets

Ametis Villa is located in the sleepy Balinese coastal village of Canggu, making a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of other tourism areas on the island. It is a preferred destination for savvy travellers seeking an alternative to the urban sprawl of neighbouring Seminyak and is the perfect base from which to explore the island of Bali at a relaxed pace.

Canggu still manages to retain a timeless ambience that is steeped in Balinese tradition. The nearby beach is popular with professional surfers such as Kelly Slater as well as those who appreciate a day of sun and sea topped off by a vibrant sunset.

Ametis Akiko Yoshioka.jpg

Ametis General Manager Akiko Yoshioka

While Canggu one of the fastest developing areas on Bali, it still retains the traditions of a Balinese village blessed with productive rice terraces and a rugged stretch of coastline. The visitor can find boutiques, café and restaurants all along Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong where Ametis Villa is located.  “Before, Canggu was famous just for its surf, and not so much for other forms of tourism, shopping or restaurants,” says General Manager Akiko Yoshioka. “There was a primarily a lot of cheap accommodation for surfers. When we first opened in Canggu six years ago, people wondered what an establishment with luxury villas was doing here. It was very hard back then to promote a high-quality product like this in Canggu, but now that’s changing. People are now wanting to get away from Seminyak because it’s too crowded and noisy, so they’re more and more looking to Canggu. New restaurants and boutiques are opening every week.”


Ametis Living.jpg

Semi-outdoor living area in a Premiere Villa includes lounge, dining and kitchen

The concept of Ametis Villa is that of a hideaway, very suitable for honeymooners, as the establishment doesn’t accommodate children under 12 years old. This contemporary resort is designed has a “home away from home” concept, promising a degree of escapism for travellers seeking to break free from a cycle of routine and a place to be at one with the surrounding nature.

NO CHECK-IN: The moment one enters the premises, the first important point of differentiation is the fact that there is no traditional check-in, as one is escorted directly to one’s private villa, where a personal butler takes care of all the details. You feel immediately at home as opposed to being in an impersonal hotel setting.


Accommodation at Ametis Villa is a collection of exclusive villa compounds. Each villa is a private sanctuary with ample space (over 350 square metres) to relax and unwind in comfort. A large private swimming pool (13 x 4 x 1.4m depth) is also available in each villa. No small detail at Ametis Villa has been overlooked, from customised furnishings to personalised amenities for that essential feeling of home-style luxury.


Premiere Villa Bedroom

Ametis Villa is thus a refreshing interpretation of an intimate Balinese community featuring private villa compounds and public areas for social interaction. Each villa is a modern sanctuary that blends indigenous timber with glass and metal to create dramatic living and sleeping spaces that seemingly merge into the outdoors. They are places to simply be at one with the surrounding elements of nature in a setting where a rich legacy of art and culture continues to colour daily life. Bespoke furnishings together with unique works of art reflect a look of tropical elegance where comfort is foremost.


The design of the property was done by the Jakarta-based architect, Antony Liu, who is responsible for the conception of a number of very high end boutique properties in Bali.


Premiere Villa Bathroom

“The idea was to make this like a Balinese village,” says Ms Yoshioka. “Lui wanted to avoid artificial materials, and to make guests feel as though they are at one with nature. The entire plan is semi-open, with a lot of plants and big glass doors. The owner however selected Singapore-based Alex Bayusaputro – of Genius Loci – as the interior designer to give the villas homely feel. His motto is ‘believing design is not purely aesthetic but an element of unity of all senses with practicality’. The design is purposely asymmetrical to make it more relaxing. Overall, the concept of the property is to make people feel at home, with exceptional quality.”


Ametis Villa offers a holiday experience that is intimate and discreet, while providing the highest level of service. Guests are assigned a personal butler, who excels in the singular ability to “anticipate one’s needs, and to exceed one’s every expectation”. Your personal butler will ensure that all your requests are responded to in a timely manner as well as to help you understand Bali’s unique way of life.

Ametis Dewa 2B.jpg

Service with a (big) smile from Dewa – our butler…

Various experiences can be arranged by your butler. There’s Trekking or Cycling around Canggu venturing down to the beach and to observe the nearly rice fields. You can also take pleasure in a Gourmet Picnic at Canggu Beach for a laid-back day of sun, sea and surf. For something a little closer to home, savour a Garden Barbecue or a Romantic Dinner served in comfort of your own private villa.

In our case, our butler, Dewa, sent an email before arrival introducing himself. He also played “guide” for us to visit the local area, and went “the extra mile” when I quizzed him about the classic Balinese dish “Babi Guling”. Rather than deliver us to a “tourist trap”, Dewa found an authentic, out of the way local place serving “the real thing”.

The eternal kindness and politeness of the staff, in particular, Dewa, were truly remarkable, and really add to the experience. In this sense, it’s not just a question of being waited-on hand and foot, but of being advised and helped in every way possible during one’s stay, while remaining discreet.


For those wishing to partake in a pampering, the in-house Ruby spa features two double and one single treatment rooms from where to indulge the senses with an array of rituals expertly administered by a team of therapists. Conceived, built and managed with integrity, Ametis Villa Bali is respectful of the Bali’s unique culture, seeks to interact with the local community and shows sensitivity towards the immediate environment. Aiming to deliver a collection of lasting memories as opposed to a suitcase filled with trivial souvenir, Ametis Villa Bali offers a private sanctuary with ample space to relax and unwind in comfort.


The main source market is Australia, as well as Asia in general – mostly couples and honeymooners – coming from Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

“We have an increasing number of Europeans who tend to stay longer – up to two weeks at a time”, says Ms Yoshioka. “They will tend to stay for a few days doing nothing – just to relax – before doing touring Bali – to places like Uluwatu and Ubud. The change we see happening at the moment is the great influx of Chinese tourists to Bali. Chinese tourists tend to travel in groups, to stay at either really cheap accommodation or in very high end international chain hotels. We don’t see many Chinese visitors here as we are a boutique local brand.”


Ametis Villa doesn’t do a lot of advertising for the general public, but works more via travel agents and through their marketing partner, Tempting Places.


Ametis Villa has been a partner of TemptingPlaces since 2016

“In terms of negotiation, we don’t give a contract rate until a travel agent has actually visited us and seen the property,” says Ms Yoshioka. “If they feel they can sell this property and the property is fitting with their market, we give them contract rates. So, we focus on specific travel agents that we hand pick, giving just a few contracts to each market. This is important when focusing on personalised service. If we give the rates to wholesalers, they don’t care about personalised service. The travel agent will ascertain the preferences of the guests before they come, and then we personalise the service to the customer. Travel agents account for around half our bookings, and the rest are direct.”

The establishment joined the TemptingPlaces group in 2016, as a “launching pad” for better promotion. “What I liked with them is that they were not overly commercial,” smiles Ms Yoshioka. “We had other choices when it came to joining a collection, but because this is a very unique boutique hotel, we saw that this fitted very much with the philosophy of TemptingPlaces, as they are very selective. Some other collections are just interested in collecting a fee, doing some advertising, but not really telling the story of the uniqueness of the place. TemptingPlaces really come and stay at a place, and check the area, and then if they feel the place is suitable, they do a contract. TemptingPlaces are working on selecting specific agents that can be a good match, which is very good for us.”



Cooking can also be done in the villa area itself for those seeking just that little extra intimacy…

At Ametis Villa, one can decide whether to eat in the on-site restaurant, or to be served by the butler in one’s semi-open own living area.

The “Eternal” restaurant setting celebrates a kind of laid-back vibe with topical dining. The team of talented chefs source island-fresh ingredients from the cool hills of Bedugul and the early morning seafood market at Jimbaran Bay to ensure that only the very best produce reaches the table.

Other private dining experiences can also be arranged by the butler, such as an exclusive “Chefs Table”, Romantic Candlelight Dinner, Picnic Lunch or a Private Cooking Lesson.


  • 24 hours drop and pick-up service within the Canggu and Seminyak areas
  • 30-minutes relaxing massage: A complimentary 30 minutes relaxing massage during one’s stay (one time massage for every guest).
  • Welcome treats: Guests can choose their preferred cocktail or mocktail upon their arrival.
  • Daily breakfast with a variety of menus to choose from: A variety of breakfast menus are on offer, served in the comfort of one’s villa or at Eternal restaurant.
  • Afternoon tea and sunset cocktail: Complimentary afternoon tea and a sunset cocktail are available every day in the privacy of one’s villa or at Ametis Lobby Lounge.
  • Complimentary Mini Bar: Soft drinks and beer in the mini bar are re-stocked daily and complimentary.
  • Home-made snacks: Complimentary home-made cookies, as well as dried fruits and nuts, are available in the bedroom.
  • Coffee and tea: The Ametis original blend of Indonesian coffee and a variety of teas are available in the villa kitchen.
  • Daily fresh fruit and flower arrangement in villa: The island of Bali offers many different varieties of tropical fruit. Guests can advise their preferred fruits prior to their arrival, so that their personal butler can arrange a selection for your villa.
  • Daily Newspaper (based on your language preference): Selected newspapers are available; please contact your butler for more details
  • WiFi internet access: Free WiFi is available all around Ametis Villa. Complimentary one hour usage of a laptop is also available upon request.
  • Complimentary use of mountain bike

ADDRESS: AMETIS VILLA: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia