The former Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-so has not renewed its partnership with the Four Seasons group, and is now “going it alone”.

chinzanso-autumnThe hotel, inaugurated in 1952, is located uptown in Mejiro. While it is in the heart of Tokyo, the property is surrounded by a breathtaking garden, which gives it an aura of serenity.

The property consists of three buildings: the hotel, the plaza and the tower; and a traditional-style Japanese garden. The hotel has 267 rooms, 38 banquet halls, 5 wedding facilities and 9 restaurants.

chinzanso-bath-suiteChinzanso itself has a long history. It used to be called Tsubaki-yama (meaning “mountain of camellias”) for its picturesque vistas of blossoming camellias.  In 1878, Mr. Yamagata Aritomo (the former Prime Minister of Japan) bought the land to build his home and garden, and named it “Chinzanso.”

The garden possesses numerous historic sites, such as the three-story pagoda, the sacred tree (said to be 500 years old), Han’nya-Ji style stone lanterns, the Koshin tower, the Shiratama Inari shrine, and the Seven Deities of Good Fortune, to name a few.

chinzanso-bath-roomWhile no longer part of the Four Seasons chain, the garden enables guests to experience the four seasons through its changing colours: camellias bloom in the winter, cherry trees bloom in the spring, fireflies fill the garden in the summer and the leaves change colours in the autumn.


Andre Sol – Director of Guest Services – and Aya Hara – Assistant Director – Room Sales and Reservations 

At ILTM Cannes, a team from the hotel met with media representatives from around the globe, letting the word out that the hotel is, more than ever, an extraordinary place to stay in this mythical Japanese city.

Andre Sol, Director of Guest Services, told us that he has had excellent feedback from those attending ILTM.