Putting the guest in the driver’s seat!

Today, customers’ expectations are much higher than before. Guests want to use a single remote to control curtains and shades, lights, temperature, TV and music. They expect to be able to activate preset scenes such as “Good Morning”, “Work”, “Movie”, “Dinner” or “Bedtime” also with a simple button- press from the same remote control. They look forward to ordering room service, making reservations, checking hotel and area information, all from the comfort of their room. Furthermore, they highly value the possibility of connecting their own personal media device to their hotel room television to view their content.

Thanks to Crestron’s historical expertise in the field of monitoring and control, the technology that has been developed for meeting rooms and luxury homes is ideally tailored to meeting the requirements of today’s expectations in the hotel industry. Crestron brings its savoir-faire to guest rooms, placing the TV as the central control point.

Crestron’s new easy to deploy digital graphics engine supports 4K TV and enhances the luxury lifestyle experience by displaying an onscreen menu that can be controlled by the same remote that provides control of the TV and media sources.

While Crestron technology is some of the most advanced of its kind, implementing extraordinary engineering to simplify and enhance their customers’ lives, despite all this technical complexity, the company always focuses on the simplicity of the user experience.

Crestron is designed to naturally blend into high-standard environments, making the guest’s user experience as simple, comfortable and personal as possible.

More than ever, Crestron adds intelligence to transform an integrated hotel to a smart hotel.

Crestron showcases a complete integrated hospitality solution helping hoteliers deliver unmatched customer service.

Since 1992, Crestron has been delivering the only fully integrated control solution for the hospitality industry. As the world’s leader in automation, Crestron is able to tie together all of the technology in lobbies, guest rooms, common areas and meeting rooms for centralised monitoring and control. The most prestigious hotels across the world trust Crestron’s expertise to facilitate their day-to-day management and provide the ultimate client experience to their guests, making their stay unique and their room a home away from home.