Don’t just adapt to it; use it to your advantage

Only one thing is sure: everything changes. Adapting to change is evident if one wants to stay in the game, but leveraging change to ones advantage – using disruptive technologies – will be the secret to future success. Here are just a few examples…

The increased use of social media has created both challenges and opportunities for hoteliers, as they determine how to participate and respond to the ever-growing buzz online. Quantifying and incorporating insights from various social media sources can have a measurable impact on a hotel’s performance and on its ability to captivate this hyper-connected traveller.

Not if you know how to leverage it right. An example is the expanded partnership between Hilton Worldwide and Uber to further bring together their respective mobile apps. In a first for the hospitality industry, Hilton HHonors members can now order an Uber straight from the HHonors app, and Uber riders can now view their hotel stay information and check-in, all accessed via the Uber app en route to their hotel.

“The success of our Uber partnership is rooted in a shared passion for finding new ways to take friction out of travel,» said Rich DiStefano, senior director of Mobile Products at Hilton Worldwide. «By further integrating our mobile apps, we’re simplifying the steps it takes for our Hilton HHonors members to obtain the quick information they seek, ultimately providing them with a better experience.”

The French start-up – Dayuse.fr – recently was awarded the “start-up of the year” prize by the daily “Les Echos” newspaper. Entrepreneur David Lébée came up with the concept in 2010, and with 4,000 Euros capital created a platform for hotels to sell rooms for day use for a set number of hours. The clientele has skyrocketed, and consists of a broad section of users, including couples, families, business people and travellers in transit. With €10m turnover in 2015 and an injection of an extra €15m in capital the same year, the company is now adding an extra five to ten employees per month.

It’s just another case of “leveraging the possibilities of communication technologies” – growing the pie for the entire hotel industry.