The 2016/17 bucket-list of top places to go in South and Central America


Anna Avanesova General Manager, Ada Tours

Ada Tours, based in Rio de Janeiro, have come up with a new “guide” on the top trending places to go in Latin America. Their general manager Anna Avanesova gave us the “run down”…

1 / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Rio is the happiest city on earth and holds one of the seven wonders – the Christ statue. It also has beautiful beaches, great food, warm and welcoming people.

2 / Iguazu Falls, Argentina/ Brazil – The world’s widest – Iguazu falls – is one of the great natural wonders of the world and one of the most breath-taking sights on earth, featuring more than 250 waterfalls surrounded by tropical jungle.

3 / Machu Picchu, Peru – Hidden high within Peru’s green Andes Mountains, this mythical city remained a secret for ages. Today it’s South America’s best- known archaeological site.

Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz, Argentina © Cinir.jpg

Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz, Argentina

4 / Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina – The huge wall of ice is spectacular in the spring and summer, when huge chunks melt off the glacier and crash down into the water.

5 / Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – See giant turtles and species you won’t find anywhere else in the world on he beautiful volcanic island surrounded by the deep blue sea.

6 / Easter Island, Chile – Around 1000 mythical ancient Moai statues are scattered throughout the island. Locals welcome visitors with a flower necklace “Polynesian style”.

7 / Chichen Itza, Mexico – The most famous Mayan temple near Cancun, built on a strong energetic spot of the earth served as the political and economic centre of the Mayan civilisation.

8 / Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile – The beautiful mountains of Torres del Paine dominate the scenery of what’s often been called South America’s finest

Salto Angel (Angel Falls), Venezuela © Benedict Adam.jpg

Salto Angel (Angel Falls), Venezuela

national park.

9 / Angel Falls, Venezuela – Nestled within the adventurous land of Canaima there are dozens of Tepuis – huge flat- topped mountains where animals and plants were found that don’t exist anywhere else on earth. From one of the Tepuis, the great Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfalls, tumble down. This astonishing cascade is 19 times higher than Niagara Falls.

10 / Uyuni Salt Desert, Bolivia – Drive your 4×4 over the 200 km white salt desert. When it rains, the clouds are reflected on the water- filled salt, creating out-of- earth landscapes.