The TV again becomes an important part of the hotel business model

A number of years ago, as we all know, the Hotel TV changed from being a simple cost to becoming a source of revenue, thanks to Video on Demand (VoD) and other pay channels of a sometimes dubious nature. That business model flew out the window after the onset of streaming video via the internet, at which time many hoteliers frowned on the hospitality TV as having again become just a cost, and thus something to be given low priority. The hotel TV became rarely if ever as good as what one had at home.

Today, this is again changing, as, thanks to a savvy combination of technologies, Hospitality TV can again become an important member of the hotel’s sales staff, and a vital point of differentiation! This time, however, rather than making the guest pay for content, the TV – accompanied by the strategic placement of digital signage in different areas in the lobby and conference zones – is becoming a powerful promotional vehicle. Its real power comes from the attractiveness of the TV itself and the content one can find thereon. By providing guests with a breathtakingly impressive TV experience (akin to, or better than what they have at home), augmented by the interactivity and familiarity of the Android platform, guests can again be drawn to the TV as a source of information and entertainment. Indeed, a number of surveys have found that guests do want to be provided with comprehensive information on the hotel and its environs. Now the task of giving up to date – and even up to the minute information and promotions pertaining to on-site and nearby restaurants, bars, sports facilities and so on, becomes easy and lucrative, thanks to the technologies developed specifically for Philips Hospitality TV.

I believe that today, more than ever, it is important to offer guests a great in-room entertainment experience, and they will willingly increase the use of auxiliary on-site facilities (i.e. F&B) if they are reminded to do so by attractive promotions. This SPECIALreport gives you a snapshot of the background to the most recent developments in these technologies by Philips Hospitality TV and how they can be deployed to your hotel’s and guests’ advantage. Enjoy the read!

Richard Barnes – Editor-in-chief Cleverdis

Australian-born Richard Barnes has worked at a high level in media around the world for
over 30 years, in top radio, television and print organizations. In 2000, he took on the role of Editor-in-Chief at Cleverdis, responsible for overseeing content of all international publications, including the Hotel and Tourism SMARTreport, IFTM Daily and ITB Berlin News – the official daily of the world’s biggest travel and tourism trade event. He has been a speaker at key events by HTNG, EHL, EquipHotel, and a number of top electronic corporations.


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