Key USPs of Philips Hospitality TVs

What makes Philips unique in the marketplace when it comes to a hospitality TV offering? We put the all-important question to Franck Racapé, EMEA sales director for Philips Hospitality TV & Signage Solutions…

Philips was the first to introduce Hospitality TV around 40 years ago, so we have a lot of experience. We are not selling a product to the market, but we package a product within a full proposition. One of our key USPs as a supplier is the ability to assure supply even with heavy demand. In France, from November 2015 to March 2016, demand was multiplied by four, as analogue signals were switched off. During this time, the key success factor was not so much the technology, price or service; it was product availability and distribution flexibility, which meant not one of our hotelier clients ended up with a black screen on April 5.


How is Hotel TV evolving over time?

Rather than seeing the TV as a cost, the more savvy hoteliers are seeing it as a new tool to generate extra revenue. For us, the hospitality TV is not only a way of delivering top-level in room entertainment; we have repositioned it as a centrepiece in the hotel’s value-added creation strategy. In the past, hoteliers tried to keep people in the guestroom and using expensive VoD systems. Today, the hotelier needs to find new channels of revenue. So we’ve created a new platform and software that give the hotelier the possibility to get people out of the bedroom, promoting special offers in the restaurants, bars, spa, sports centre and conferencing areas. People today are used to having a total communication / entertainment ecosystem, and whether at home or at the hotel, they want to have the same convenience in finding content. This is why we have integrated the Android platform in all our professional TVs. There are currently over 2.2 million registered Android applications, and there are 680,000 developers in Europe alone working to create new kinds of apps for Android – helping people have a better lifestyle. And thanks to the Android platform we give the guest the same kind of experience as they have at home.

Another important element is our CMND software, which works seamlessly across TVs and monitors. From a central remote location, one can distribute content across TVs and digital signage displays across the property, including video walls in the lobby, bar or restaurant, or touch screens in other public areas.

3 Key USPs

  • Android platform: making guests feel at home and giving access to huge amounts of content
  • CMND Software: allowing hoteliers to communicate effectively and lower TCO
  • Flexible supply: ability to meet demand wherever and whenever needed


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