Legrand continues to expand services in the hospitality sector

Legrand is the world leader in low-voltage electrical fittings and is a world specialist in electrical and digital installations in different types of buildings, with a vertical approach to the hotel industry. We asked Thibault de Heere, Group Business Development Manager, Hospitality Buildings to outline the group’s key differentiation points.


Thibault de Heere, Group Business Development Manager, Hospitality Buildings, Legrand

Our hotel offering not only includes all the electrical and digital functions of the guest room, but also of the rest of the building as well, from the transformer right up to the light switch or power socket. We have, at the same time, numerous aesthetic solutions that match the choices of hotel interior architects, but also technological solutions that contribute to an improved guest experience.

Numerous players are getting into the market for connected devices. How does Legrand stand out in this respect?

Legrand has a long history of involvement in the building sector, and innovation is in our genes. We are close to our users, and we know their requirements and expectations, offering simple, intuitive products. Proof of this is in the fact that in 2015, Legrand launched the Eliot* Program by Legrand aimed at developing interoperable online solutions that offer long-lasting benefits to businesses and private individuals alike.


You recently announced the signing of an agreement with Samsung, with a view to developing new hotel-room management systems. Could you please tell us more?

Legrand and Samsung will be joining forces to strengthen the interoperability of our technologies, helping accelerate the development of Smart Building systems. Together, we will be creating new user interfaces, which will build on the work of Samsung’s LYNK HMS (Hospitality Management Solution) and Legrand’s expertise in electrical equipment. This will allow hotel guests to manage their room’s light settings, temperature and so on, all from their TV set. Legrand switches and controls leveraging Zigbee technology will “talk” with the TV, meaning the guest will have the choice of using the TV to control devices, or can control them directly, with the RMS keeping tabs on things thanks to the Zigbee signals. This new technological partnership with Samsung illustrates the dynamic expansion of our technological solutions as well as the ambitions of Legrand in the Hospitality industry.

*an amalgamation of Electricity and IoT (Internet of Things)