Europe is… Delicious!

Gastronomy: one of the most memorable aspects of a European tour.

It goes without saying that the extraordinary variety of cuisines from one end of Europe to the other is one of the key attractions for foreign visitors.

But the way people learn about where to go is of course changing. Yes, social media plays a big part today in helping people decide which restaurant or bar may be to their liking in the city they’re visiting, it is important for travel professionals to be aware of trends and food-related events in order to point tourists in the right direction.

A recent study on food travellers(1) reveals that these people are most interested in local and authentic foods and culinary experiences that are different from those they can get at home. Gastronomic consumers are travellers seeking the authenticity of the places… They recognise the value of gastronomy as a means of socialising, as a space for sharing life with others… exchanging experiences.

It’s thus fair to say that here is no more delicious way to experience the “soul of European culture, history and traditions” than through its food. As the traveller meanders through Europe, he or she will find numerous gastronomic fairs, festivals and trails to taste the unique local products and dishes. These events are becoming more prevalent, in particular in Europe.



The European Travel Commission and the European Commission had very recently launched a website to give travellers and tourism professionals a glimpse of what fairs and festivals are coming up. Through, searches can be undertaken either geographically, by simply searching on a map, or chronologically, with a calendar. The new official website for gastronomy events in Europe offers extensive information on food fairs and festivals in 36 countries, and a vast range of unique travel experiences related to European cuisine and gastronomic traditions.

Routes are suggested, with users able to select countries and regions and a countless array of product categories, such as breads, beers, cheese, chocolate, fish, pasta, herbs & spices, wines, oils… the list goes on.

As an educational experience for the visitor, by knowing beforehand the traditional dishes of the regions they are visiting, and thus being able to seek them out actively, the enjoyment of the visit is greatly enhanced!

And once they’ve tested out these new culinary experiences, they are able to communicate through social media about just what they think about it, using the #tastingeurope hashtag.