In our work over the years in the hospitality industry, we have noted four important factors when it comes to the supply of TVs.

Firstly, the long background market knowledge of the supplier, and their relationship with both big and small players in the sector is an essential element, as a true understanding of the needs of the industry is something that can only come with time.

Secondly, the sale of TVs as “stand alone” items belongs to the past. Today, the TV needs to be considered as part of an ecosystem that not only enables the guest to gain access to a broad range of entertainment, services and information, but that also allows the hotelier to interact proactively with them.

Thirdly, the “wow factor” is becoming both important and accessible again, thanks to things like exceptional industrial design, such elements as 4K resolution, Android OS, and – in the case of Philips, Ambilight (as well as, in some cases, Ambilux).

Fourthly, flexibility and capacity in supply are vital factors when it comes to dealing with factors such as what we recently saw in France, where a very large number of hotels were forced to buy TVs that were compatible with new digital norms in a short space of time.

The recent joining of forces of Philips Hospitality TV with Philips Digital Signage is another new factor that will change the game plan in terms of sales and distribution, and I believe this is a very positive and logical move.

Since the creation some years ago of the TP Vision JV, time has proven that the European pedigree of Philips has continued to remain as the backbone of this exceptional venture. All the criteria cited above are at the heart of their offering in the market today. The launch in Q4 of the new Hospitality TV range will no doubt be very warmly welcomed by the entire industry.

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