… How the Grand Ambassador Seoul associated with Pullman raised customer satisfaction and achieved 30% energy savings

With a long history of “ firsts”, Grand Ambassador Seoul associated with Pullman is the first to pilot a highly innovative integrated technical solution from Samsung, resulting in excellent customer feedback and huge energy savings.

As the ambassador of Korea’s hotel industry to the global hotel scene, and as the flagship hotel of the Ambassador Hotel Group, Grand Ambassador Seoul associated with Pullman has always strived to stay ahead in the services, facilities, and technology it provides to its guests. It has turned its lobby into a tech hub bustling with IT activities ranging from simple email exchange to accommodation of business level data communication connectivity. Now, the hotel is turning to its guest rooms to offer the next level of industry services providing only the best to its guests.

“We’re constantly leading the way whether it was as the first hotel to adopt new technology such as a switchboard system for our operator or developing world-leading ‘smart guestrooms’ with the latest technology, ” said Nam-Wook Kim, the hotel’s General Manager.


HMS Samsung


In-room control, energy and room management solutions already existed. But what the market has been lacking is an integration of all systems into one. Samsung LYNK HMS integrates all essential functionalities, augmenting hotel operations and guest services, while minimising logistics.


Samsung’s LYNK Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) leverages in-room displays, transforming them into portals capable of communicating with integrated devices and empowering staff and guests with control over the in-room environment.

Core services include :

  • Room Management Solution (RMS) – a comprehensive management tool and mobile application solution that streamlines hotel staff service workflows through real- time temperature, device performance and electricity consumption monitoring;
  • Energy Management Solution (EMS) – a sensor-based tool that monitors room occupancy and adjusts heat and air settings accordingly for more intelligent resource delivery;
  • In-Room Control (IRC) – an on-screen service that allows guests to control various aspects of their in-room environment through a user- friendly interface;
  • Content Management Solution (CMS) – a bi-directional interactive program that creates a more welcoming in-room experience, as hotels can deliver custom messages and access to applications and web services

HMS Samsung – Room Management App


Samsung smart hospitality displays have been upgraded to operate as “in-room control hubs”. By integrating an intuitive HMS UI over the TV UI, and new remote control usability, the TV allows the guest to manage the thermostat, drapery, lighting and communication with housekeeping. Feedback on such aspects as room temperature also enables the guest to better control his or her environment.

Property managers are able to set the room state when guests enter suites after check- in, known as “welcome mode”, greeting guests with cosy room temperature, drapes open, lights on, and a customised welcome message on the TV, courtesy of door and motion sensors.


Property managers can oversee all rooms on one screen. Room management information reveals statuses of rooms and devices, such as temperature, power consumption, door and drapery. LYNK HMS enables the property manager to remotely tend to rooms and reduce room energy usage, facilitating progressive energy management. Through TV-synced motion sensors and key-slots, the server can detect room presence, changing the room to eco-mode when not in use.


LYNK HMS is a case of real IoT (Internet of Things) at work in hotels. For example, when a guest requests “Make Up Room” via the TV, a request is transmitted near real time to the mobile device of a corresponding staff member, bypassing their need to check room status signs. After cleaning, staff report their checklist through their mobile device. This work flow improves timeliness and efficiency, equating to significant Return on Investment.


With Samsung LYNK HMS and Hospitality Displays deployed in the hotel, Grand Ambassador Seoul associated with Pullman was able to address many of the concerns they had in operating a five-star flagship hotel. The hotel management’s effectiveness and efficiency have greatly improved.


The guest experience is elevated with streamlined device control accessibility. Automatic systems work intelligently in the background complementing the simple and intuitive control interface up front. All in-room amenities are managed via a single remote control and a single intuitive user interface on the Hospitality Display (in addition to the traditional switches).


The hotel’s marketing staff has reported an immediate impact from the use of this new system. In a 6-month period, the Grand Ambassador Seoul associated with Pullman was able to save around 30% on energy costs. And crucially, guests responded positively, with 90% saying they were satisfied with the Samsung LYNK HMS.

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