Samsung’s totally integrated solution becomes a key element in hospitality services

In the past, hoteliers wishing to upgrade rooms, installing automation pads, and updated entertainment and energy management systems faced major headaches, complications and big bills.

For the first time, Samsung’s hospitality offering goes well beyond entertainment and networking. By combining concepts and technologies into integrated hospitality-specific platforms, the horizon of possibilities is wide open!


Until now, only very few hotels were able to offer full room automation / controls and interactivity with hotel services via the TV.

Samsung’s new concept of the TV as an “innovation enabler” means it is no longer just a “window to the world”, with a broad range of video and audio entertainment. With a highly intuitive specifically designed remote control, and amazingly easy to understand onscreen User Interface, guests can take TOTAL CONTROL. Whether it’s lighting, thermostat, DND/MUR or drapes, just to name a few functions, the guest is able to manage everything from his or her bed or lounge chair. Of course, normal switches and controls also remain, as well as motion sensors, “talking” with the system, and enabling the hotelier to know, at any time, what’s running in any room and whether the room is occupied. “Scenarios” such as “comfort”, “sleep”, or “morning”, enable the user, with a simple click, to manage a number of functions.


Guests are able to link their mobile devices to the TV via Bluetooth or DLNA, eliminating the need for the hotelier to purchase additional costly audio docking stations that can easily be broken or stolen. The Smart View app not only enables the playing of stored content on the TV but also control of the TV via the guests’ smart devices.

The Soft AP (Soft Access Point) also allows users to establish a wireless network with their player, which can be then used by the hotel’s Wi-Fi enabled devices to access the internet.

While guests will think of these features as “ultra-high-end”, for the hotelier, not only are they financially easy to cover, but through energy savings, heightened efficiencies and promotional possibilities, return on investment can be calculated in a very short time. To this can be added the differentiation factor for the hotel, which results in higher RevPAR and overall occupancy rates.


Ensuring very low Total Cost of Ownership, LYNK HMS content management includes hotel information, interactive services, Samsung Apps and IPTV. In-room, Samsung LYNK HMS covers aspects including room, device and service monitoring, complete with streamlined automated staff workflow management. Presence-based control, cloud-based energy consulting and remote technical supports enable new levels of energy management. Meanwhile, enhanced device controllability mean improved in-room comfort.

Intelligent Room Management Solutions (RMS) include real-time monitoring enabling the hotelier to check room/device status, checking whether devices are operating correctly, and receiving direct guest service requests. The result is a reduction in guest complains a major savings in labour expenses. Energy statistics & analysis include HVAC failure prediction and thermal comfort VOC. Easy installation and maintenance are made possible thanks to room templates & multi-pairing.

Mobile RMS automates staff workflow, streamlining the entire room assignment and MUR process, prioritizing rooms to clean by room status (e.g. check-out time), with a support messaging function for hotel staff members to respond immediately to guest requests.



Almost 30% energy savings are able to be achieved, such as in the pilot programme at Seoul’s Grand Ambassador hotel, thanks to the optimisation of in-room controls and HVAC through LYNK HMS.


These exceptional technological advances are what Samsung has dubbed “phase one” of an ongoing campaign to make life better for hotel guests and more efficient for hotel management. As they say… Watch this channel…



A major revolution for hoteliers who wish to avoid fully re-cabling their buildings comes in the form of “All-IP” – a solution in which internet protocol (IP) can be delivered to rooms via the existing TV cabling (Coax). The resulting interactive IPTV and high-speed internet access for guests are major selling points in a world where guests increasingly demand top-of-the-line services as “the norm”. The advanced services of LYNK REACH or LYNK HMS are thus placed within the grasp of virtually any hotel operator.


Samsung LYNK REACH is a convenient hospitality TV management solution, enabling property managers to centrally control multiple Samsung Hospitality TVs and display customized content, to provide guests with an in-room experience that makes them feel right at home. An enhanced authoring feature means the manager can easily create & edit content with a user-friendly authoring tool. Overall room status and recent activities can be followed when logging into the server programme. A fully customizable interface means the hotelier is able to truly differentiate his property, and templates are provided for in-house advertising and promotional spots – as an additional revenue generator.

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