The 2016 Annual Cleverdis Think Tank


Jean-François PIERI, Cleverdis

The patient is healthy. Our finger is on the pulse. But how can the hospitality industry project with intelligence into the future? To know, it’s vitally important to bring together ideas and concepts from the top thinkers of the hotel industry that may – or should – come to fruition in the future. This year again, we have created a “virtual think tank” in which we ask, “What should the hotel of the future be like”? This is not limited to technology alone, but moreover to innovative concepts on the whole. Our sincere thanks to those who have taken the time to share their brilliance with us!

Jean-François Pieri, Managing Director, Cleverdis


Floor Bleeker, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

Given the speed of technology development and innovation, it is hard to predict what gadgets we will find in hotels in the future. What I do know, is that there will be things that we won’t find in hotels anymore. I believe we will see a move from complicated check-in and out procedures to seamless web check-in and out, or no check-in and out at all, Uberstyle. The same will be true for accessing Wi-Fi and opening hotel room doors for example. The technology already exists; it just needs to be applied in hotels. At Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts deploying technology to make our guest journey less complicated is high up on our agenda.

Floor Bleeker, MÖVENPICK HOTELS & RESORTS   read the full interview



David Esseryk, AccorHotels

The next generation of hotels may come from outside the lodging industry. I believe that restaurant, media, entertainment and retail brands will be significant players and reshape hospitality into a living space industry. We are already witnessing supporting trends with the growing success of brands such as Hard Rock, Nobu Hospitality, Virgin hotels, Armani, Baccarat and the entrance of retailers such as IKEA into hotels. I believe that “living space” brands are the future of travel, not a niche segment. The winning hotel will participate in all aspects of the living space: apartments, homes, timeshare, membership, leisure and business hotel, banquet and meeting space rentals and others. The winning brands will be engaged in creating the new generation of travel networks that provide value for money.

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Christian Lundèn, Nordic Choice Hotels

The hotel of the future should be even more based on what the guest actually ask for. Today, we build a big hotel and hope that this will be a place in which the guest will like to stay. We need to develop hotels for the guest, by the guest. We could cooperate on Beta versions of hotels very early and get people involved in the process very early, also involving other partners. Maybe there could be a combination of hotel rooms and apartments – like a combination of what Airbnb is doing and what hotels are doing, offering a blend of local thinking with the service of a hotel.

Christian Lundén, NORDIC CHOICE HOTELS  read the full interview



Monika Nerger, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

We need to start considering the hotel of the future in the context of the guest journey of the future. Virtual reality will allow guests to explore hotels both visually and haptically before a booking is made. There is probably nothing like feeling the sand between your toes and seeing a beach in immersive virtual reality to give you the incentive to book a vacation escape in the depth of winter. The hotel of the future will be guest aware in order to deliver even greater levels of personalization, from beaconing technologies to IoT, enabling guests to tailor every aspect of their hotel experience to their specific needs and preferences.

Monika Nerger, MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL GROUP   read the full interview



Jonathan Wilson, Hitlon Worldwide

In the hotel of the future, your room will fit into your life and preferences, not the other way around. For example, if you’re a road warrior, your room will give you more ways to connect with your family back home, or if you’re a millennial, your room will provide a seamless transition to your content and music. At Hilton, we’re reimagining what this experience could look like and working with some of the world’s most inventive companies to test and perfect new concepts at our properties. The possibilities are endless, but our focus remains steadfast: deliver amazing hospitality to our guests. Our team works hard each day to apply technology in ways that are personable and meaningful to our guests.

Jonathan Wilson, HILTON WORLDWIDE   read the full interview