Philips “puts the customer in CMND” with a simple to use server-based solution

Whether it’s one display or a thousand, hoteliers are now able to manage their full suite of displays from a central location.


The CMND Display Management System – and its modules Control and Create – is available to be used across the entire range of Philips professional displays, allowing customers to update any connected display in real time and remotely, from any location.
CMND & Control is a server-based solution that gives managers the ability to control all of their individual TVs and Monitors from one centrally managed system. It completely eliminates the hassle (and related costs) of going from room-to-room to perform maintenance, implement channel updates, update Information and Signage content or reconfigure settings. Real time display monitoring and control is made easy over both RF coaxial and IP networks, and display scheduling is also centrally managed. Furthermore, video walls and menu board displays can also be configured remotely.

CMND & Create is a powerful authoring tool. With a drag and drop interface, preloaded templates, and integrated widgets, hoteliers are able to amaze their customers with compelling content. The Create interface manages guest-facing communications and digital signage, and consists of an integrated Content Management module that makes the creation of beautifully designed information pages or digital signage both simple and quick via an intuitive user interface that anyone can quickly understand and use.

It comes with professionally designed templates allowing the creation and display of content in either portrait or landscape mode, in just minutes. Text, images, videos, slideshows and widgets can all easily be added while a drag and drop interface allows media and information to be placed exactly where needed.

Multiple interactive pages – in multiple languages – can be scheduled to play on various supports using a wide range of media, from videos and still images to widgets and HTML code. RSS feeds, such as weather, ads and other automatically updating elements.

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